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Rules for posting in the hotel Business Apartment

Booking and hotel policies.


Reservation form should contain the following information:

- Surname and initials of the Guest

- The date of arrival and departure

- Check-In and Check-out

- The category and number of rooms

- The country of nationality of the guest

- Contact telephone number, contact person

- A guarantee, and the type of payment

- Special conditions for accommodation.

The application of the legal entity, additionally should contain details of the legal entity (full name, legal and actual addresses, bank details, the signature attested by a round seal of the legal entity).

Reservation request can be sent to the hotel by e-mail or directly to the department to provide accommodation and booking hotel.


Account currency - Ukrainian hryvnia.

Form of payment - cash or bank transfer, as well as payment cards are accepted.


For accommodation in the hotel you need to provide receptionist document proving your identity:

- Passport or driving license / for citizens of Ukraine /

- Passport and visa for the right to stay in Ukraine / for foreigners /

- Birth certificate / for minors under 16 years /

At the time of arrival, the administrator gives the guest an electronic key that opens the entrance to the hotel, and the room key. On the day of departure guest delivers keys administrator or leave the protection on the ground floor.


Booking may be canceled no later than 24 hours prior to arrival. Length of stay (arrival and departure) can be changed no later than 24 hours before the estimated time of arrival or disposal referred to in the preliminary application for a reservation. If reservations canceled later than 24 hours before the estimated time of arrival the guest in case of no show guest, in the case of disposal of the guest before the date specified in advance booking, the hotel puts penalties in the amount of cost for the first night.

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Additional Info

  • Amenities


Бизнес апартаменты

Поможем с любыми вопросами по бронированию



  • Город
  • ул.
    ул. Комсомольская, 5
  • Код города
  • Страна
  • Мобильный
    +38 (067) 653-65-65
  • Городской
    +38 (056) 744-10-18



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