What should be a hotel room: important parameters


       Regardless of whether you check into a hotel in the center of the Dnieper or visit a small hotel in the capital, the room must meet certain standards. And the question here is not only about the notorious standards, but also about whether you will be comfortable, convenient and cozy to be outside the house.


    Які зручності доступні в стандартних номерах готелю

What furniture and appliances are located in the room depends on its class and on the category of the hotel itself. At the same time, at the time of writing this material (2020), high-speed Internet is not considered to be a premium class amenities, so its presence must be mandatory:

• A bathroom (with a bath or shower), as well as a cosmetic set, slippers, towels, a bathrobe and a hairdryer;

• Bed (one for a single format, and two separate or one large for a double);

• Wardrobe;

• Table and chair - workers or for eating;

• Bedside table (bedside);

• Mirror;

• TV, air conditioning, fridge, kettle, iron (not in all rooms).

The increased size of the room, the availability of additional amenities in the form of computer equipment, a safe, a minibar, etc. are available in higher categories. Among the new hotels in the center of the Dnipro, the Hotel Business Apartments offers standard single rooms with two single or one large bed, the class of which is actually ranked as Comfort and higher. High-quality furniture, modern appliances, beautiful textiles, a workplace, a full entrance hall and other "bonuses" are implemented for guests of our hotel in the Dnipro.

  Additional amenities of comfort rooms at the hotel in the Dnipro

Layout is one of the key factors of comfort during your stay. Comfort Plus rooms have balconies and the living area is separated from the hallway. In tandem with a quality repair in pastel colors and classic furniture, this approach allowed us to create a cozy space suitable for a long stay.

Important: a fairly frequent question for guests of the Business Dnipro Hotel is the availability of a kitchen in the rooms. The possibility of self-cooking is contrary to sanitary standards, so in our hotel rooms are not equipped with a kitchen. However, in each room there is a home appliance: an electric kettle and a refrigerator that will make your stay at our hotel near Mechnikov hospital comfortable.