About bedding in a hotel room: types and standards

The textile equipment of the room you are planning to check into a hotel in the center of the Dniprois an important component not only from an aesthetic, but also from a hygienic point of view. A berth is one of the main ones in the whole room, and it is it, for the most part, that determines your feelings about being in it. In this article, the specialists of the Business Dnipro Hotel will tell you what criteria bedding should meet and what characteristics are considered unacceptable.

What is considered unacceptable: what bed linen should not be in a hotel in the Dnipro:


- Synthetic materials - products made from artificial materials can cause allergic reactions. Moreover, synthetics tend to become electrified, creating discomfort during sleep. Such kits are considered unhygienic and prohibited by sanitary standards, which indicate the completion of rooms in all hotels of Dnipro and Ukraine.

Kits purchased from non-certified manufacturers are prohibited for use, since even textiles require regulatory documentation: under what conditions and according to what standards they were made.

- Replaceable sets that are different from the original - if the guest lives for a long time, bedding (sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases) must be replaced twice a week. The replacement kit must be identical to the original.


We summarize: preference is always given to dense, natural fabrics (more often it comes to cotton, but recently bamboo and linen fabrics have become no less popular among hostels in the center of the Dnipro and hotels, although they are used less often). Unacceptable is colored underwear or products with prints ("butterflies", geometric shapes, flowers, etc.).

A mandatory element of the hotel room is a mattress cover - it, along with summer and winter blankets and pillows, is included in the traditional set of equipment. Some hotels may offer extra blankets.

Please note: all of the above requirements and prohibitions apply, including other textiles, which you are invited to use in a new hotel in the center of the Dnieper. If the general stylistic concept of the room is classic, then towels and a bathrobe should be white.