Breakfast at the hotel: what should be the diet of guests


One of the most popular services when checking into a hotel in the Dnieper and other Ukrainian cities is breakfast. Considering the non-tourist destination of this city and targeted visits of its guests, all-inclusive systems are unpopular, and therefore breakfast is the only convenient catering system

Please note: it is much more convenient when the cost of breakfast is not included in the price of the room, but is provided as a separate service to those who really need it, that is, upon request. This is how a new hotel in the center of the Dnipro - Business Dnipro - forms its service.».

What are the breakfasts in hotels in the center of the Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine

- Buffet. The most popular format in which guests are offered a choice of several different dishes (the assortment of the buffet is most often the most diverse). Such a service is mainly already included in the room price and is rarely provided in small hotels.

- Set menu. It is often found in hostels in the center of the Dnipro (superior comfort), as well as hotels. These are the options for ready breakfasts from several dishes and various drinks, the filling of which does not change. The guest selects one of the available sets - this is convenient, since often the options are composed by type of food. This is the format used in our hotel near the Mechnikov hospital - "Business Apartments".

- In the room. A popular system that directly relates not only to restaurant service, but also to room service. The range depends on the offer of the hotel itself, but the type of service may be different. Be sure to check if breakfast includes its delivery, as this can be calculated on a separate price list.

The hotel "Business Dnipro" took care of the diversity of the diet of guests. The permanent breakfast menu contains five layout options that you can choose depending on your preferences. An additional convenience is the static cost of any of the packages and the ability to order breakfast the next morning all day long. In a hotel in the center of the Dnipro, they cooperate exclusively with official suppliers of products, and experienced and qualified chefs work in the kitchen - we guarantee the quality and compliance of dishes with Ukrainian standards. Bon Appetit!